Direct Representation
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Direct Representation

What is an Authorisation for Direct Representation (ADR)

Direct representation implies that a customs-broker completes customs entries on behalf of (and at the expense of) the Party Authorising the Broker (PAB) to act on his behalf. The PAB has control over the goods and takes the initiative to give the goods a customs destination. The PAB is the declarant and therefore liable for the declaration.

Direct Authorisation (DA) is in Holland allowed for import, export and re-export. The interested party can be the importer, the exporter or the holder of an economic customs procedure and is the principal of the representative. That is why the authorisation that you sign is not with HSF Logistics, but with a customs-broker.

What may you expect after signing an ADR with a customs-broker ?

This depends, among other things, on your transport needs (import/export), location (EU/UK) and of course the terms of delivery (Inco-terms). A customs-broker will need to have the necessary information about your company to file a customs declaration on your behalf.

However, there are also a number of matters that you or your customer must arrange yourself, such as clearing the customs declaration (import declaration in the country of destination). Because you are responsible for correct customs clearance, we recommend that you discuss your expectations with the customs-broker. He or she can also inform you about the possibilities and costs involved.

Why does HSF Logistics offer an ADR with a customs-broker ?

As an extra service due to the consequences of Brexit, HSF Logistics has made a digital link with a number of customs-brokers. With this, customers of HSF logistics can also submit a customs declaration directly at the order entry (via the customs-broker). To do this, you must first sign an ADR with the relevant customs-broker. You are of course not obliged to sign an ADR, you are free to arrange the necessary customs documents yourself.

On our “Documents” page, you will find more information about the required documents if you give us a transport order. The costs of a custom declaration via the customs-broker linked to HSF Logistics will be invoiced to you directly by the relevant customs-broker. HSF Logistics is not a party involved in this and does not charge this type of brokerage costs to its customers.

HSF Logistics has digital links with the following customs-brokers:

European Representation:

  • Customs Support ( regarding export from the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany to the UK.
  • Thermotraffic ( regarding import from the UK to the Continent (including BIP inspections).