Timetable consignments
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Timetable consignments

Loading and Unloading schedule after from January 4th 2021 onwards

HSF will always do her utmost to ensure correct and timely deliveries to your customer’s address in the UK and Ireland. Unfortunately Brexit presents us with a new challenge and therefore it’s difficult for us to evaluate what the exact consequences of the predicted delays are after January 1st 2021.

Due to the extra time needed to check all the paperwork involved and the expected delays of departures from the Continental Ports and through the Channel Tunnel in Calais we have to revise our loading and unloading time-schedules in order to anticipate on these expected delays. These new schedules will be valid from 04-01-21 onwards until further notice.  

With these new schedules we offer you clarity regarding timelines defining when goods must be ready for loading on the Continent and when delivery the UK and Ireland will take place.

Ready for loading must include that all paperwork is finished correctly, including all necessary customs-documents, and available for our driver to collect with the shipment. More information on documents is available on this Web-site on the Brexit page titled “Documents”.

We want to underline the importance of timely communication to HSF of the moment that goods are ready for loading. Because of the narrow time-frames after Brexit, especially for A-B shipments, we cannot wait in case shipments are not ready for immediate loading after our driver arrives. Forthcoming costs with regards to shipments that are not loaded because they are not ready will be charged as incorrect freight information. More information on ordering shipments is available on this Web-site on the Brexit page titled “Order entry”.

Important: consignments without an EU certificate which are delivered in the UK cannot be returned to the EU when a certificate for EU entry is mandatory for the time being!

For the export of Full loads (FTL’s) to the UK and Ireland, current loading- and delivery schedules remain unchanged, although delays are equally to be expected on all crossings, making exact delivery times difficult to predict, so no guarantees can be given regarding exact time of delivery. Loading as early as possible could improve the likelihood of timely deliveries.

Given the expected delays around Calais (FR) and Kent (GB), HSF will use the Ferry services between the Continent and the UK to a larger extent. Our revised (provisional) loading-  and delivery schedule is based on the most efficient combination of crossing possibilities. Changing circumstances on each type of crossing may lead to revision of our schedule, in order to anticipate on these changing circumstances.

For part loads (Groupage) to the UK and Ireland the following schedule will be put in place from 04-01-2021 onwards:

Collection and delivery schedule 04-01-2021 (pdf)

A second schedule has been designed for groupage night deliveries to Smithfield Market in London and early morning deliveries in London city which we collect exclusively from Dutch collection addresses (from Belgian or German collection addresses we prefer to make more specific agreements)

Collection and delivery schedule LONDON CITY 04-01-2021 (pdf)