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Transport to countries outside the EU regretfully leads to more paperwork for all parties involved.  Despite the fact that after the Brexit decision a start was made immediately to communicate as much customs information digitally as possible, a number of documents are still obliged to accompany customs transports.

As a client issuing the transport order, you are responsible for delivering the accompanying documents!


Below you will find the documents that are currently required for transport with HSF Logistics between the European Union and the United Kingdom and Ireland after 31-12-2020 and which must physically accompany the goods:

Transport from the EU to the UK:

  • CMR consignment note
  • Ex-A document with MRN Number
  • Sales invoice with (possible) packing list
  • From 01-10-2021: A Veterinary Certificate in case goods are from animal origin.

Transport from the UK to the EU:

  • CMR consignment note
  • T1 document
  • Sales invoice with (possible) packing list
  • From 01-01-2021:  A Veterinary Certificate in case goods are from animal origin.

Transport from the EU to and from (Northern-) Ireland:

  • CMR consignment note
  • T2 document
  • From 01-10-2021: possibly a Veterinary Certificate in case goods are from animal origin*

*There is no clarity this moment in time. Please contact you local Food Safety Authority about this matter.

Please upload all the above mentioned documents to the HSF TMS system via our order entry website or through EDI as well. All HSF trucks are equipped with on board communication systems inclusive document portal. Our dispatchers will be able to send the documents digitally to the board computer of the truck on request by the customs officer.

To request an MRN number (customs declaration), a sales invoice and a packing list (if the goods details are not all stated on the invoice) are required. These documents have to physically accompany the shipment. You can attach the sales invoice (and packing list) to your consignment in such a way that, in your opinion, guarantees confidentiality and recognisability for the recipient and for customs.

A T2 (transit document) is required for transport to and from (Northern-) Ireland. If desired, we can arrange this for you without you having to sign an authorisation. Please note: This only applies if shipments to (Northern-) Ireland leave from HSF Logistics in Nijmegen! 

The costs for the T2 documents are:

  • Shipments up to 10 tons (gross): €25,00 per T2 document
  • Shipments from 10 tons (gross): €45,00 per T2 document

For Continental customers who have signed the Authorisation for Direct Representation (ADR) with a customs-broker linked to HSF Logistics (please see page “Direct Representation” on this Web-site for more information) we provide the Ex-A document with MRN-Number for transport to the UK and the T2 document for transport to (Northern-) Ireland.

Please note: No Documents, No Transport.