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hsf-paard-en-wagen-thEarly twentieth century

In the year 1903 Antoon Frederiks from Druten rented out his horses, with or without driver, to drag narrow track trains on the brickworks along the river Waal. This is how the history of the family business which has existed for four generations started. In 1923 the son of Antoon Frederiks, Hendrik Simon Frederiks (I), established the company H.S. Frederiks Transport and therewith continued the transport activities of his father. With the help of a horse and cart he transported building materials and coals from the Waal harbour to various excavations in Nijmegen.

Also because of the arrival of a major customer, margarine factory "Batava", for which Frederiks, initially with the help of a horse and cart, transported barrels with raw materials from the docks of the river Waal to the factory, the first truck was purchased in 1929 in order to transport the final product to the customers.

Eerste tankwagenThe Second World War and the post-war years

During the Second World War Hendrik Simon Frederiks (I) "sabotaged" his truck to keep it out of the hands of the occupying forces. In those days the daily work consisted of transporting firewood by handcarts with which Frederiks provided the residents of Nijmegen with fuel during these hard years.


After the war Hendrik Simon Frederiks (I) bought his second and third truck. He managed to get hold of these vehicles, which had been abandoned by the Americans, because he had the right connections. Youngest son Hendrik Simon Frederiks (II) was crazy about the technology of the trucks and in 1950, at the age of 17, he single-handedly built a truck for Frederiks Transport. Because he didn't have a driver's license, his brother Theo had to test the truck.

A real family business

After the sudden death of Hendrik Simon Frederiks (I) in 1953, it was his son Hendrik Simon Frederiks (II) who gave up his passion for technology to take over the daily routine within the family business. He managed to get an extension of the contract with the margarine factory and with a local steel plant which guaranteed the continuity of the family business. Mother Frederiks did the administrative work and looked after the finances and his brother Theo remained as driver.

hsf-frederiks-vrachtwagen-thExpanding transport abroad

In the sixties Hendrik Simon Frederiks (II) obtained the Certificate for Professional Competence in International Road Haulage and he expanded the transport activities further with, among other things, the bulk transport of fats and oils to Germany. Because of his passion for technology he liked visiting trade fairs and there a technology with which he could continue his plans for the transport of (garbage) containers (at the time a new trend) caught his eye. Steel, bulk and container transport remained the core activities of H.S. Frederiks Internationaal Transport B.V. for three decades.

Specialization in conditioned food transport

In 1989 son Hendrik Simon Frederiks (III) joined the family business and in 1995 he took over the company from his father. The ambitions of Simon Jr, who was always looking for renewal and opportunities like his father, tilted more towards refrigerated transport. He saw tremendous opportunities in mainly the meat transport to Great Britain. In the years that followed, the container division and the bulk transport were sold. The corporate identity and the company name were adjusted for the purpose of this new transport branch.

Hsf logistics The development of HSF Logistics in the late nineties

Due to the important role of Dutch export slaughterhouses in the international food sector in the late nineties, the possibilities on the European market grew to a great extent. Simon Jr grasped this opportunity with both hands and in 1997 he participated in the acquisition of the transport company RSB Logistics in Winterswijk, to be able to cover the refrigerated transport demand to mainly Germany. Family business Hannink from Winterswijk, which was taken over earlier by RSB Logistics, and Frederiks Internationaal Transport, of which the name had just been changed into HSF, were renamed as HSF Logistics.