HSF Logo whiteHSF Logistics is now part of DFDS. Read more here.

HSF News

HSF Logistics Group and DFDS Group will become one company.

At HSF Logistics, we remain committed to sustainability and with the arrival of two IVECO S-WAY NPs, we are committed to using liquefied natural gas as an alternative to diesel.

Today, we announced the acquisition of HSF Logistics group by Copenhagen based DFDS. With this letter we wish to inform you about the details of this opportunity for our company.

It was recently announced to HSF Logistics that the predicate "Outstanding" has been achieved with regard to the BREEAM certification process!

The Brexit transition period will end on December 31st 2020 and depending on a possible agreement some things will change with regards to the international carriage of goods to and from the United Kingdom.

EUROFRESH in Neuenkirchen-Vörden has expanded its fleet by four new IVECO Trucks with LNG motorset.

The end of the year is approaching (Christmas!) and therefore the greater demand for food. Now would be the right time to order packaging for your products.

HSF Logistics has traditionally been known as the reliable partner in the refrigerated transport of (hanging) meat and meat products within Europe. However, HSF moves with the market and we see that there is an increasing demand for vegetarian and vegan products and HSF is also the right partner for the transport of these products!

There is a worldwide outbreak of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). As a logistics service provider, HSF is vigilant to prevent spread and contamination.