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As an established company in the logistics of ultra-fresh and deep-frozen food, EUROFRESH Logistics GmbH not only focuses on competition, but also on value-orientation. We see responsible action in harmony with the environment and society as an important principle for long-term economic success.

For this reason EUROFRESH has expanded its fleet by four new IVECO Trucks with LNG motors.

Iveco LNG

Above all, the LNG vehicles should score with their advantages for the environment. The CO2 emissions are between 10 to 15 percent lower than conventional trucks with diesel engines. What is even more impressive is that 95% less particulate matter gets into the air and an almost 50% lower emission.

For years, Eurofresh Logistics GmbH, based in D-49434 Neuenkirchen-Vörden, has been improving the environmental balance of your logistics. The average age of the vehicles is around 2.5 years. The tractor units currently in use will be exchanged for new vehicles after 2 - 3 years. This ensures that generally the most efficient vehicles for fuel consumption and CO2 emissions are used.

In the next few years, ultra-fresh meat and dairy products will be transported in vehicles that are powered by liquid gas (LNG). The fuel natural gas is liquefied at minus 162 ° C. Thus, one kilo of LNG corresponds energetically to 1.39 liters of diesel.

The liquid LNG has a particularly high energy density. It enables ranges of up to 1,500 kilometers with around 400 kg of liquid gas. Diesel engines need around 450 liters of fuel for the same range. Not only are the lower costs for fuel advantageous, but also significantly are more environmentally friendly exhaust gas values. The Ministry of Transport has also recognized these advantages and is encouraging companies to purchase these LNG vehicles.

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The drivers of the new trucks are specially trained because some safety aspects have to be observed when refueling. The driver must wear protective clothing such as work glasses, gloves and safety shoes. Then he grounds the gas station and uses a compressed air gun to remove ice residue from the hose connection. A massive screw cap (twist lock) is used to dock and lock, then the LNG fuel is allowed to flow into the vehicle's thermal tank.

For those responsible at EUROFRESH Logistics GmbH, the primary focus is on reliable and sustainable delivery to customers. For this purpose, the transports are optimized for ideal utilization and the avoidance of empty trips. EUROFRESH Logistics has grown into one of the leading partial load specialists in recent years, also for organically produced meat products. For the producers in this market segment, environmentally friendly transport of their products is not only effective in advertising, but also important out of conviction.

If the new tractor units prove to be as successful as hoped, an expansion of the fleet with LNG-powered vehicles is planned for next year.