Quality policy
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The quality policy of HSF Logistics is primarily aimed at guaranteeing food safety. Procedures and work instructions are incorporated in manuals and are, among others, the basis of the training of employees. Working with food requires a strict discipline and compliance to procedures and rules, for which we have established an extensive quality management system.

Certified carrier

HSF Logistics is certified for all its logistics services according to several international quality standards such as IFS Logistics and BRC Storage and Distribution. These standards are regularly tested in audits. Click here for the quality certificates of the several branches.

Modern climate systems guarantee the optimal temperature

All ultramodern fridge trailers are FRC approved and the cold stores have the most modern climate system to guarantee an optimal storage temperature, both during storage and cross docking. Because of the use of modern software the climate is constantly monitored and automatically saved during transport and during storage and cross docking.

Optimal hygiene because of internal and external quality checks

Our EC approved cold stores are under supervision of the Dutch Food Safety Authority (NVWA). Furthermore, periodic checks take place with regards to cleaning facilities for vehicles and the cleaning facilities for the re-usable packaging, which for that matter is also BRC Storage and Distribution certified. These checks are carried out by an external organization and guarantee the permanent assurance of the predefined high-level hygiene objectives.

Our employees are well educated and involved

But quality is much more. It only works when it's in your head and the sense of responsibility comes to life. Well-educated employees form the basis for the quality system within HSF Logistics. Therefore the maintenance of the fleet by our own expert mechanics and the informing of customers by our customer service department are also essential elements of the quality policy.

If you would like to learn more about our quality policy, please feel free to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. without any obligations.