Sustainable transport

Sustainable transport of goods is a subject which becomes more important every day. HSF Logistics is aware of this more than anybody else. Therefore sustainability is in our DNA. HSF Logistics D.N.A. stands for sustainability (Duurzaamheid) – saving natural resources (Natuurlijke hulpbronnen) – minimizing waste flows (Afvalstromen).

Lean & Green Star Award for decreasing carbon dioxide emissions

The decrease of the carbon dioxide emissions are at the centre of the D.N.A. program of HSF Logistics. In November 2012, HSF Logistics received the Lean & Green Star Award to underline the fact that HSF Logistics managed to reduce the carbon dioxide emissions more than 20% in three years. The program of HSF even resulted in a reduction in emissions of more than 25%.

Energy saving and minimizing waste streams

We undertake numerous projects to make our D.N.A. as green as possible. We focus on energy saving in our offices, cold stores (fridge and light), workshops and cleaning facilities. We actively minimize and separate waste flows. The choice to offer synthetic packaging for re-use, for example, prevents the use of cardboard packaging and in such a way a huge waste stream. We try to minimize and recycle waste flows and have taken special measures to prevent environmental pollution in our work shops, cleaning facilities and fuel pumps, among others.

Modern fleet

Our approach towards sustainability can also be seen in our fleet. We repeatedly buy trucks that have limited emissions (mono-nitrogen oxides among others). Besides that, we have a very successful carbon dioxide emissions saving program. In order to do so we introduced several measures, under which:

  • Optimizing planning by improved planning software
  • Increasing load volumes
  • Reducing empty kilometres
  • Driving training ' economical driving' for all our drivers
  • Intensive training and feed-back program for fuel consumption per trip.

Carbon dioxide emission saving program

One of the most remarkable parts of the program is the carbon dioxide customer program. Together with our customers we analyze the carbon dioxide production and we set up a saving program. The best part about this program is that carbon dioxide saving always leads to lower transport costs.

The work on our D.N.A. program is never done. We will constantly remain working on our "greening process", because we all know sustainability has to be in your DNA to be able to guarantee continuity to our customers, employees and to the society.